A Powerful Mix Of Skills, Knowledge And Understanding

Compounding pharmacies provide safe, one-of-a-kind medications that fit each patient’s unique treatment requirements. They also combine medical knowledge and compounding skills with an understanding of patients—patients who are looking for convenience, information and quality assurance.

Compounding Pharmacies


Compounding is a process. In this process, licensed pharmacists prepare customized medications for individual patients. Compounded medications are made based on the prescription of a doctor or other prescriber such as a nurse practitioner.

Prescribers decide on the strength and form of the medicine (also called the dose form). Guided by the prescription, pharmacists mix individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage required for each patient’s care.

Compounding pharmacies are regulated by state boards of pharmacy, not the FDA. But they are operated with strict quality control measures defined by national advisory boards and professional groups.